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The Dangers of Working from Home

During the pandemic, everything closed and the way of life, especially the way of doing business greatly changed. That goes the same for the mergers and acquisition industry which became most productive at the time. Working from home became a “new normal” method of working. Here is an interesting story and how it affected life for an m&a professional and her husband.

Tyler Loudon of Houston, 42, the husband of a former BP mergers and   manager was reported to have admitted to profiting over $1.76 million on February 26, 2024 from inside information he gained by listening in on his wife’s phone conversations while working from home. This proves to be a danger of working from home. Using the information gained from spying on his wife over several months and when TravelCenters announced the London-based BP acquisition on February 16, 2023, Loudon sold all the shares bought (46,450 shares in total) without his wife’s knowledge, thus, making $1.76 million from the TravelCenters’s 71% stock jump, said the Officials.

His wife, Emily Krauss as identified by The Mirror, has been fired from the oil and gas conglomerate she worked for and filed against her husband for divorce in June. CNBC reported that the husband, Tyler, and his wife Emily, have been working remotely together while Emily worked on BP’s possible acquisition of the TravelCenters of America, a gas and truck operator. Additionally, on occasion, the wife sometimes discussed the transaction during normal husband-wife conversations.

It was reported in the New York post that he will be sentenced May 17, when he faces up to five years in federal prison and a possible fine of up to $250,000.

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