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Early this month, I had a rare opportunity to interview one of our esteemed winners of the upcoming 2024 Distressed Investing Summit, featuring the 18th Annual Turnaround Awards to be held on March 18 and 19 at Palm Beach, Florida for our new M&A Podcast.

Let me segue a bit. The M&A Advisor has launched the M&A Advisor Podcast with Tom Goldblatt as our special guest in its inaugural episode. The Podcast aims to shine a light on the many outstanding Thought Leaders and members of The M&A Advisor, empowers young entrepreneurs and M&A professionals to stay informed about industry trends, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity, investment banking, and finance strategies, and provides valuable insights and actionable ideas to inspire them.

Meet Tom Goldblatt. Tom Goldblatt is the Managing Director of Ravinia Capital LLC. Tom will be awarded as a returning Distressed M&A Dealmaker of the Year winning the same title in 2014. Aside from the afore-cited award, his company Ravinia Capital LLC will also be awarded with “Bankruptcy Sale of the Year” for the sale of Allied Healthcare Products under the category Healthcare/Life Sciences Deal of the Year (under $100MM).

Tom has over 30 years of middle market transaction experience and holds a CPA, an MBA from Kellogg, and a JD from the University of Chicago.

When you engage with Tom, he comes across as an extremely hardworking, highly intelligent, strategic, and proven Thought Leader.

Let me tell you why.

1. Loving the Deal Business Early in Life

From early childhood, Tom loved to play the game of Monopoly and cards in high school and college because he loved winning deals and transactions.  It not only required mathematical skills but also, interpersonal skills. 

Tom’s advice to young people getting into the deal business “Just stick at that and be persistent and ultimately, you’ll achieve it. Because nobody’s gonna get in your way if you want it badly.”

2. Getting Inspired in Doing Deals

Tom Goldblatt has been and still is loving the deal business. He says, “You have to love the deal. And you know, one trend was when I was in a gift wrapping company and it was about to close but when I saw that, I said to myself, wait a second, if they just stop doing this and start doing this. You know, put together a  kind of a turnaround plan where the owner agreed to do it.”

3. Handling tough challenges

When facing tough challenges, Tom Goldblatt always maintains these principles in mind.

  • Always be optimistic.
  • Be flexible and roll with the changes.
  • Do not take things personally.
  • Focus on getting THAT deal.

    “Probably the biggest challenge, surprisingly, it’s not kind of getting the deals done. Because once you get a good deal and you’ve got your intention set on it, you can make it happen. You just have to demonstrate, and get people to come around. What’s the hardest is getting the opportunities in the first place, said Tom Goldblatt.
  • Always remain constant in thinking about the other people and how the deal benefits them.
  • “Have positive faith and keep going no matter how difficult things get,” cited Tom.

4. Winning strategies from Tom Goldblatt

My conversation with Tom revealed some winning strategies that turnaround professionals can cultivate.

  • Having a calm disposition paves a better way to winning deals. Here’s what Tom says about it.“I had to learn some lessons over the years and one of the things I’ve learned is to have better emotional intelligence. I don’t have to win every fight. So, it used to be when I was in my 30s and I’d get on a call and another person would challenge me, I’d have to talk them down and show that I was the alpha type in the room. Now, I’m much calmer about things, and see this is the way it should go,” advised Tom Goldblatt as a winning strategy.
  • Master the art of listening to achieve a win-win situation in deals. Tom says “You need to be much more empathetic. Listen to people, and look for win-win-win type of scenarios where you can incorporate what they want to get and what you want. But then, especially with distress deals, you don’t have time for things not to work. So, you need to listen and lead them, unemotionally, move forward without any type of fight.”

5. Additional life lessons from Tom Goldblatt:

Learning from Tom Goldblatt’s life experiences, here are some more nuggets of business wisdom that you can ponder on.

  • Life’s journey is not always straightforward. You must actively seek out activities that you truly enjoy and accumulate diverse experiences. As time goes by, these valuable experiences and acquired skills gradually integrate into your personal toolbox.
  • A realization he gained in his life is that experiences come at the right time when you most need it. Therefore, we all must know how to listen and discern.

 “I’ve learned over the years is experiences what you gained right after you needed it,” said Tom.

  • Finally, an inspiring thought to keep you going, Tom says, “Do your job and enjoy what you do. And the benefits will follow.”

For myself, I enjoyed my conversation with Tom Goldblatt. He truly exemplifies being a well-rounded turnaround professional and a Thought Leader.

I hope that you have enjoyed my conversation with Tom as much as I did and love the numerous advice, and life lessons that he had shared with us.

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