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Merger Mayhem? Up to 90% of M&A Deals Fail – Maximize Value Realization Through Pro-active Integration 

Sohail Jooma’s insights provide valuable lessons for M&A professionals. Here’s a stand-out quote from Sohail Jooma, co-founder of BowMerge, during his interview with M&A TV® at the 2024 Distressed Investing Summit held on March 18 and 19 in Palm Beach, Florida. BowMerge, a leading global software company, specializes in operationalizing post-merger integrations. 

He said, “The fact that you have trillions of dollars spent on M&A deals every year, and yet up to 90% of those deals end up failing for so many different reasons. Our goal is to proactively capture value for companies before it’s too late or before that value dissipates.”  

This quote emphasizes the critical importance of effective post-merger integration. It highlights the need to proactively address challenges and maximize value realization during M&A transactions.  

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