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Palm Beach, Florida, March 20, 2024– Restructuring and distressed M&A industry elite converged on the 2024 Distressed Investing Summit, culminating in the 18th Annual Turnaround Awards Gala at The Ben Hotel in Palm Beach. The event kicked off on March 18th with The M&A Advisor’s Silver Jubilee party, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the organization.   Next up was the Deal Forum on March 19th, featuring M&A IdeasTM thought leadership discussions led by several insightful faculty speakers, M&A TVTM on-camera interviews with Turnaround Award honorees and other notable guests, and M&A ConnnectsTM one-on-one meetings promoting business development dialogue among senior event delegates.  The festivities continued on the evening of March 19th, with the eagerly awaited 18th Annual Turnaround Awards gala ceremony. This formal Black-Tie Awards Gala presented Awards in multiple award categories, including Restructurings of the Year, Transactions of the Year, Refinancings of the Year, Sector Deals of the Year, Firms of the Year, Turnaround Product/Services of the Year, and Professionals of the Year.

Roger Aguinaldo, Creator and CEO of The M&A Advisor said, “The recipients of the awards are the distinguished men and women of the M&A and restructuring industry who truly deserve to be honored for their excellent performance in 2024. Considering the unstable business landscape in the past year, we celebrate the leading deals, firms, and individuals who overcame these challenges and emerged victorious. Kudos to the Winners!”

Attendees enjoyed a large and highly accomplished crowd. Among the honorees were Drew McManigle, Founder & CEO of MACCO Restructuring Group, and Teresa Kohl, Managing Director of SSG Capital Advisors, who received the prestigious Leadership Awards.

Drew McManigle, accepting his Leadership Award, was inspired by  a quote from Sir Winston Churchill: “

‘Some regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look upon it as a cow that they can milk. Only a handful see it for what it is—the strong horse that pulls the whole cart.’ I think what Churchill was saying, and it’s never been more evident to me than when a combination of life circumstances- such as work, company, and life, occurs in a way that you can’t always be sure exactly how things will turn out. You must focus on the horse, the sturdy cart, and getting it back on the road.”

Teresa Kohl upon accepting her Leadership Award, shared this thought-provoking statement recalling how she developed dealmaking and leadership skills early in life. “There’s an interesting book called The Secret Power of Middle Children and the leadership qualities that they developed. I’m the middle child of six. So, managing the dynamic of raising two younger brothers brings out your leadership qualities. Middle children are negotiators. We’re consensus builders. And we’re skilled at managing conflicting personalities and negotiating compromises. We know how to get what we want without being too aggressive because we learn the fine art of deal-making early on. We’re risk takers, and innovators, partly because otherwise we’d never get any attention, but also because nobody ever expected anything from us until we learned to look ahead and lead, even if nobody was following quite yet.”

Energized by the inspiring speeches, the enthusiastic crowd, and the presentation of the Awards, winners and other delegates capped off the ceremony with an evening of revelry. Music and laughter filled the air, forging an unforgettable night of shared triumph.

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