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J. Scott Victor is The M&A Advisor Hall of Fame Awardee and Leadership Special Award Recipient. At the same time, Scott is the founding partner and Managing Director of SSG Capital Advisors, LLC, and is an internationally recognized leader in the restructuring industry with about 40 years of experience representing companies in bankruptcy proceedings and out-of-court workouts.

In the recently concluded 2024 Distressed Investing Summit, featuring the 18th Annual Turnaround Awards held on March 18 and 19, 2024 at Palm Beach, Florida, Scott graced the M&A TV. When asked to share his insight on the Distressed Investing Outlook for the year 2024, Scott said, “It has remained steady across various industries, with challenges in the fields of real estate, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. However, the issues are not solely industry-driven. Sometimes, they stem from company-specific factors such as poor management or excessive debt. Private equity firms, when acquiring companies, often burden them with debt, leading to long-term problems.”

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