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Palm Beach, Florida, March 20, 2024 – The business world of M&A, distressed investing, and restructuring converged in Palm Beach, Florida for the 2024 Distressed Investing Summit, featuring the 18th Annual Turnaround Awards, a gathering of about 200 professionals of unmatched insights and expertise.

The attendees to the 2024 Distressed  Investing Summit, hosted by The M&A Advisor, accumulated learnings and insights from the crème dela crème of the M&A industry in the various segments of the summit such as the M&A Ideas Thought Sessions, the One-on-One Meetings with the experts of their choice, and the various cocktails where the members were able to socialize and expand their business networks.

They were also treated to a very special cocktail party in celebration of The M&A Advisor’s 25th anniversary Silver Jubilee celebration, which truly made the first day of the Summit really special. The M&A Advisor has truly evolved as the preeminent organization in the M&A business world that recognizes excellence, honors achievement, presents thought leadership, and facilitates connections among the world’s leading dealmaking professionals.

The beautiful glistening waters of Palm Beach became the backdrop of the 18th Annual Turnaround Awards gala night celebration. The best M&A practitioners, leading deals, and firms were recognized in 64 awards categories for their excellence, including the recipients of the special Leadership Awards, Drew McManigle, Founder & CEO, MACCO Restructuring Group and Teresa Kohl, Managing Director, SSG Capital Advisors. The awards recipients excitedly accepted and joyously celebrated the honors presented to them. Days after the event, the winners celebrated their victories with news articles online, a bragging right truly deserved.

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