An Exclusive Workshop for Restructuring and Turnaround Professionals
at the 2018 Distressed Investing Summit

You are invited to become a Catalyst for Change. Join bestselling author and leading change management authority, Campbell Macpherson for an exclusive M&A Advisor Workshop.

Change has never been more prevalent or more relevant than it is today. Our societies are changing; our workplaces are changing; our lives are changing – more rapidly than ever before.

While globalisation and the internet have disrupted entire industries and communities, created untold wealth and transformed the way we work and live - this is just the beginning. For there is a tsunami of change heading our way from Artificial Intelligence, advanced robotics, blockchain, genetic medicine, clean energy, environmental destruction and climate change.

In the next decade, as many as 50% of existing jobs are anticipated to be replaced or changed dramatically due to the uncontrollable technological developments. New jobs will be created, new work streams will be born and many of today’s industries will be transformed.

As restructuring, bankruptcy and turnaround professionals, you are in a unique position to take on an expanded role as a “Catalyst for Change” for yourself, your company and your industry. Your professional expertise has never been more important than it will be in our immediate future.

This workshop, designed exclusively for our industry, will provide you with the insight and tools you need to be a Catalyst for Change:
  • For your company
  • For the organizations that you serve
  • For your personal life

In the Power of Change Workshop, you will discover:
  • How change is likely to impact your industry, your business and the way we live
  • Why 88% of change fails
  • The essential ingredients to successful change
  • How to embrace change
  • How to help others embrace change
  • How to lead successful change
A $1,295 value, the Power of Change Workshop is available exclusively to the 2018 Distressed Investing Summit delegates for $495.

CLICK HERE to watch Campbell Macpherson speaking live at The M&A Advisor’s Future of Finance Summit in November 2017.

Every participant in the Power of Change workshop will earn a Change Catalyst Certificate of Proficiency.